Bathtub Reglazing for Homes in Houston, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge – Why Tub Liners from NewBath are an Outstanding Alternative

Bathtub ReglazingAlthough bathtub reglazing is a common option for homeowners looking to enhance the appearance of their bathrooms, it may not be the most beneficial choice. At NewBath, we are proud to offer tub liners as an excellent alternative to the tub reglazing process. Our tub liners are built to be extremely durable, so, homeowners who invest in one of our tub liners can enjoy the beautiful look and comfortable feel of their bathtub long after the initial installation. Thanks to their tough acrylic composition, our liners don’t peel, crack, or fade, and they are also resistant to mold and mildew, making them extremely easy to clean. So, unlike bathtub reglazing, a new tub liner from NewBath can actually improve the quality of your bathtub.

Along with our top-quality liner products, we also offer our customers:

  • Consultations with friendly and knowledgeable representatives
  • Competitive prices
  • Installation from factory-trained technicians, with most installations completed in just one day
  • A 5-year installation warranty
  • All manufacturers’ warranties

In addition to tub liners, we are proud to offer walk in tubs, traditional replacement bathtubs, tub to shower conversions, bathtub wall surrounds, and much more.

For additional information, contact NewBath today. We serve the Houston, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge areas, and will be happy to speak with you about the many benefits of choosing one of our tub liners over bathtub reglazing.