Why Virgin Acrylic is the Best Material for Your Bathtub in Your New Orleans, LA, Home

Bathtub New Orleans LADo you want to renovate a bathtub in your New Orleans, Louisiana, home? Maybe your current tub is cracked, dinged-up, or outdated, and you’re ready to improve the aesthetic of your bathroom with a beautiful new tub. Whatever your reasons are for needing a tub renovation, it’s important to make sure you select a durable option that will stand the test of time and not fall prey to common bathtub issues, like mold and mildew growth.

So, how do you find the perfect bathtub that will maintain its lustrous appearance for decades while not requiring hours and hours of maintenance? Simple – choose a virgin acrylic tub. Our virgin acrylic is a highly durable material that is:

  • Resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling, and other damage
  • Infused with Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection, which is a silver ion barrier that prevents bacteria and other microbes from growing or reproducing, meaning you won’t ever have to deal with mold or mildew growth in your tub
  • Easy to clean, only requiring a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth

NewBath, a full-service bathroom remodeling company, can install a virgin acrylic replacement bathtub in your home in New Orleans, LA. We can replace your old tub with a brand-new one or install a functional walk-in bathtub. Walk-in tubs are the ideal option for those who are aging in place and are growing concerned about the safety issue of stepping over a large tub wall to take a bath.

Contact NewBath today to learn more about the bathtub replacements that we install for homeowners in New Orleans, LA, and nearby cities.